Xitle Volcan Adventure Tours is a professional organization dedicated to carrying out excursions and guided visits to the Xitle Volcano and its surroundings where we will take a "hiking" walk to the top of the volcano where we can observe incredible landscapes of Mexico City, we will surround the crater of the volcano and we will descend to the lava tunnels of this volcano, since having erupted approximately a thousand years ago it left impressive rock formations of volcanic lava, which we will have the opportunity to explore and enjoy with a guide specialized in mountaineering and to explain the history and importance of this volcano in the history of the pre-Hispanic cultures that inhabited Mexico City and the impact it had on its development


During your visit to Mexico City you cannot miss this incredible place through a tour where you can spend a full day with your family surrounded by incredible nature, landscapes and rock formations that the El Xitle volcano offers us.


The Xitle volcano (from Nahuatl xictli, "navel") is located on the slopes of the Ajusco, in Mexico City. It is a volcano of the conical type, that is, with a conical shape and a round base, an approximate height of 3,100 meters above sea level and a slope of between 30 ° and 40 °. It is a volcano that falls under the classification of a slag cone and the type of volcanism is called monogenetic, which refers to the fact that it only erupted once, which was approximately 1600 years ago. Among the main consequences of this eruption is the formation del Pedregal de San Ángel, in the south of Mexico City, as well as the area where the Ciudad Universitaria resides. Cuicuilco (in Nahuatl: Place where songs and dances are made), which was one of the most refined city-states in Mesoamerica, was one of the places that the Xitle lava covered and completely destroyed.



Discover with our specialized guides the Xitle Volcano and enjoy an incredible adventure in the surroundings of Mexico City: